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Akwesan - Microbiological preparation for ponds, water holes and larger bodies of water

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Kupić Akwesan - Microbiological preparation for ponds, water holes and larger bodies of water
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Microbiological product is made in the form of specially selected strains of psychrophilic and psychrotropic bacteria, selected media and primers designed for water holes, swimming ponds and larger bodies of water.

It is intended for the use in setting up a water hole or a swimming pond, it initiates the nitrogen cycle and provides the development of the necessary bacterial flora.

The bacterial composite contained in the product inhibits water eutrophication.

When introduced into the aquatic environment it will uphold the microbial balance of the biotope, it regulates the nitrogen cycle and allows you to have an effective phosphate economy of maintaining a balance between soluble and insoluble phosphorus in water.

The product Akwesan accelerates the decomposition of organic waste and ensures the reduction of sediments by reducing the organic matter of dead plants, excrement and unused food remains contained therein.

The product reduces the level of chlorophyll improving water clarity.

The probiotic bacteria contained in the product, improve the condition and resilience of aquatic animals, often causing an increase in their population.

Used in breeding ponds it provides a more efficient use of fodder.

It prevents the accumulation of nitrogen compounds, the bacteria composite which is part of the product has the ability to bind heavy metals.

Akwesan product is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment and can be used without the need to periodically pause the current operation of the water reservoir (used as fishery, sport, tourism, tourist spot, etc.)

The product consists of specially selected bacteria that meet the following conditions:

  • The bacteria used are recognized by the modern state of knowledge as absolutely non-pathogenic.

  • They do not produce substances that can have a negative impact on performance of fisheries and the quality of products and raw materials of vegetable and animal origin.

  • They do not produce in the process of bio disposal of the sediments, metabolites that are harmful to people, flora and fauna (soil, water, air)

  • They have a high potential for multiplication.

  • They are able to utilize directly or indirectly substances or compounds contained in bottom sediments and polluted water tanks, for their development (source of carbon, energy, nitrogen, sulfur, etc.).

  • They can grow and reproduce in varying conditions that can occur in the sediments during the recultivation process (aerobic, anaerobic conditions, fluctuations in pH, temperature, hydrostatic pressure, etc.).

  • Deposited in the sediments layer, they can create by the process of thigmotaxis, complementary systems called zooglea, suitable for the process of bio disposal.

  • They activate self-purification process of water when in contact with with polluted water bodies (biosorption, bioaccumulation, immobilization)


The product should be used in an amount of 10 grams per 1m2 of water surface.
The application of the product should be used 1 time per season, best in spring or autumn, in case of strong tank load when a single dose did not produce the desired results, in order to accelerate bioremediation process, one can repeat the application, apply evenly over the entire surface of the water body.

  • Akwesan - Microbiological preparation for ponds, water holes and larger bodies of water
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Kupić akwesan - microbiological preparation for ponds, water holes and larger bodies of water
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